How the interaction between alumni and Institute should be enhanced and strengthened….

For an Alumni, his graduation college remains a second home. Colleges are centers of learning where minds are trained.

A place that provides roots, a storehouse of memories of fun and learning. This relationship, between the Institute and the Alumni, like all relationships, needs to be tended carefully and nurtured for mutual benefit. The importance of resource generation in helping the Institute maintain its standards of excellence, is clear to most of us. Some of the other thoughts which have arisen on how to implement these plans for greater interaction between our College and the Alumni are mentioned below.

The first and foremost step is to create an effective and concrete database of all the Alumini, only then will everyone be accessible. The availability of the Alumni Directory will itself be a step in the direction of improving the networking between the Alumni, a prerequisite for nurturing vibrant Alumni relations.

The Alumni Association serves and represents alumni and the Institute, by engaging and empowering all alumni as active and effective partners in the GCEKian community; and by promoting the lifelong, mutually beneficial pursuit of the aspirations shared by the college and its alumni.

The Association is the voice for a diverse and sophisticated alumni population; and the Association also represents the needs of the Institute back to its alumni.

To forge lifelong partnerships between the Institute and its alumni friends, the Association should take into account some of the steps mentioned below:

  • Celebrate the achievements of alumni as leaders.
  • Involve alumni as recruiters, visiting lecturers and critics, mentors, and employers of undergraduates and graduate students. (wherever possible)
  • Create services and networks that provide a seamless transition from student to alumni life, assist alumni in career success, and establish linkages among alumni and between alumni and their alma mater.

The Association should try to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, and opinions between the Institute and its alumni/ae.

The Alumini A facilitates the exchange of information from:

  • The alumni to the Institute – the RAA Board of Trustees acts on behalf of the alumni to ensure that alumni views and satisfaction with Institute initiatives are made known to the Institute.
  • The Institute to the alumni – to make sure that alumni have an accurate view of the Institute and an understanding of its current initiatives and accomplishments.

In a broader perspective the Alumni and the Institute, with the co-ordination of the Alumni Association should take advantage of public relations opportunities to publicize, and give recognition to the accomplishments of alumni and the Institute which will:

  • enhance the perceived value of an RPI education.
  • assist in recruiting prospective students.
  • assist in attracting corporate recruiters.
  • develop partnerships with various governmental agencies and corporations, e.g., internships, joint ventures, licensing of intellectual property.
  • assist in broadening professional and social interactions among alumni and with students and the Institute.

As a result, alumni and students will turn out in record numbers from all around the globe.

The Alumni Association must find ways to help reunion classes increase their attendance. Each member of the Alumni Association should be encouraged to actively participate in the reunion planning process for their respective class. Specific attention should be paid to alumni classes celebrating milestone reunions such as ten, twenty-five, thirty, forty-five, and fifty. Where possible, the Alumni Association must aid in expanding the participation in individual events throughout a weekend including class dinners, reunion parade and lunch, breakfast with the deans, alumni class speakers and the golf outing. Similar initiatives should take place to encourage participation in Homecoming.

These are some of the ways to keep the threads alive between the Institute and it Alumni friends…..

“The chief value in going to college is that it’s the only way to learn it really doesn’t matter.” – George Edwin Howes


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