Tour de Murud Janjira…..

Well, an outing is the time to BE together. Eons have passed since I had a relaxed   outing with my friends. This was my heyday to pass time with my buddies. This day was SATURDAY the 7th of March ‘09. As summer was catching I thought to plan a Seashore outing. This time the first place came into our mind was Diveagar-Harihareshwar-Shrivardhan. Since long time we were planning and this was the perfect time to go. But we had changed our plan to Murud-Janjira. Murud is popular for its alluring beach, whispering casuarinas, coconut, betel palms, and historical fort Janjira. We drew the detailed travel plan and put infront of our ever enthu Cognis. All were excited for a seashore outing. Destined was our trip to Murud-Janjira & Kashid Beach.

The day earlier was filled with fervor right from the morning, with me babling on amount to be collected from everyone…..!!! The general conception was the plan to go to Diveagar, Harihareshwar  and Shrivardhan which was timely eluded. One more topic on which war entailed was to plan a 1-day itinary or 2-day itinary which finally was settled to Murud-Janjira and Kashid Beach and curtailed to single day event.

My plan was to remain awake through the night, but as the day seemed hazy, all my schemes to remain awake seemed to go awary. Adding salt to fire, my bro announced of his time for bed, and that did it…All games, internet stopped at 1am on 7th. Alas, the Flintstones score woke me up, and to my dismay it was Bora shattering my capricious dream as if making mockery of my acting on the sets…!!! In the background I could hear the pandemonium of my doggie and that did it, even while having my bath the cadence of the tone could be heard….!!! Good for me, that could have woken my neighbours, to announce my departure. Finally after sorting through gamut of t-shirts and trek pants finally I selected a sober brown t- shirt. And hoo, I had forgotten about any monetary plans which I devoured by the ATM later that morning.

The clock reaching at 3 am sharp, out of my sleep slogging my legs, I got ready. After 4 did every one start popping out furnished with bats, football and so on alongwith the tempo traveller that we had booked for our outing. As usual everyone was praising me for my timely presence for the bus for which I wasn’t on time. Then started the game of football, with everyone displaying their dexterity but at the same time pumping the ball in 360 degree aimed at my face and tummy intentionally or unintentionally while confabulation was in progress about our itinerary. Finally after settling down our journey began………

But after a small amount of travel, phrases flying from all directions, friends making waggish humour, the traveller carrying 10 of my buddies came to a grinding halt. Its diesel time. Cameras were unleashed and great clicks and noises followed with smiles. After wasting quarter of an hour in the petrol pump’s vicinity did our journey continue. The game of dumb charades followed tuning with the mystifying panoramas of misty mountains and lush greenery. By Swapna n Vrunda’s courtesy cookies, fruits, chips and biscuits were on the menu accompanied with our very own Radio Mirchi. None were spared or were allowed to sleep waking them up to play the game,and none refuted. The captivating scenes can only be imagined through photos for those absent.

The Pune-Mumbai expressway followed with even more picturesque landscapes and wonderful roads. A few early morning sun rays and fog tipped mountains could be seen around the expressway ghat to suffuse our eyes with gaiety. I took time to arrest it in my camera.

……..The journey next at hand proved a little serene, for everyone getting the much desired sleep, which too proved truncated with me capturing everyone sleeping in my cam. Had it not been for doltish radio , everybody’s snaps would have been masala maal on my blog. All along this part villages could been seen scattered with lush green rice fields. After much tantalizing journey and spasmodic fits of slumber, we halted for a refreshing cup of tea atleast half an our from our destination.

After loitering in the premises of the restaurant and imbibing loads of water, we aimed for Murud-Janjira.

While homing in towards the fort, the first glimpse of the golden shimmering sand was caught, exclamations being uttered all around even as a strapping Janjira fort could be seen after some travel along the meandering path. But once we reached there, boat needed to traverse the path towards the fort was available only after half an hour and already it was 11 am.

Our boat ride to the fort reminded us of the movie Swades n King Khan’s scene when he was travelling in a boat. After reaching the fort, we mutually decided to hangout with a guide from whom we could go back in time to learn the history of the fort.

“Malavan Panyamadhe ghirla Shivaji

Aat Kasa shirlaa……
Shirlaa to Shirla….tyani zenda kasa phad kavla…….!!!”
was the ‘boolgeet’ that had come in my mind as we clicked all around the fort ,sitting on the collosal cannon, moving through armament buildings, watching the unperturbed olive water in the pools, peeping through the stony carved windows to behold the pulchritude around.An hour of history and shayari class was what came our way. Alongwith this we had our recess in between of taking some beautiful snaps of the wide sea as our backdrop as well as the different parts of the fort.

At the end the tour each one of us waited for our ride to come with everyones’ tummies giving hues and cries. Finally we reached ashore and headed towards our luncheon.

With surmai and chicken being served alongwith veg thali, lunch proved to be very eventful with Vrunda playing with a meow. Even more eventful was our post lunch session,  a session ofCRICKET…..Divided into teams, we enjoyed our customized gully cricket just to end the match in a draw.

But each one of had lots of fun.  With some of us retiring to play “Who’s the King??”, me n Harpreet decided to try our hands on Frisbee. Half an hour of non-stop Frisbee was enough to tire us. I then went on into the coconut plantation to get some nice pics. It was by 4.30pm when we flowed on the beach when I capered with the dashing waves on the Murud beach. But the water at Murud beach seemed to be too slushy for playing, so we decided to enjoy the sea at the Kashid beach. By 5.30 we reached Kashid beach where I without wasting any time jumped into the sea splashing water on those reluctant to get soaked with sea water.

And finally for the much needed swim that too on and against the flow of the chrushing waves. More entreating was the part when I swam along the flow of the waves, when I would be thrown nauches above the water. I even tried underwater swimming but that wretchedly proved sore to my eyes. Much energy was sapped on this course of the journey.

After having some snacks n tea, and relaxing ourselves in the hammocks, we freshened up and headed back to our Punyanagari – Pune.

Songs from the radio followed through rest of the excursion while most of my friends slept. Sitting with the driver I could feel his restlessness to get to Pune as soon as possible through his driving. The guy went bizzarge driving in the night in the twists n turns of the ghat with a speed of 70 km/hr plus. It was really amazing to see his control over the traveller even at that blazing speed in the ghat.

So at 11 pm that night was the end of our epochal odyssey (in one piece), got to know to know my buddies better.Without getting mawkish I perceive that to know each other can best happen only through such outings. For all others this alienness may still prevail……….


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